Why You Will Need to Establish a Specific Score If You Are Claiming Compensation for an Injury


If you've suffered an injury, either at work or in a public place, then you've got a lot on your plate. The injury may have been significant and has stopped you from working, which one way or the other will affect your financial situation. It is a physically and mentally demanding time, as well, as you try to get the right treatment for your affliction and deal with the pain. As if this wasn't bad enough, it seems that you need to deal with a bunch of red tape, as well. If you've been told that you need to attend a special doctor's appointment in relation to your situation, what do you need to be aware of?

The Road Ahead

As you will be trying to get compensation from another party, be it your employer (through the worker's conversation scheme) or a property owner (through a civil claim), lawyers are going to be involved on both sides. You will need to prove your case, of course, and this means that you will need to get a professional opinion to show the arbitrator or judge the extent of your injuries.

Independent Proof

You may already have been to your own doctor several times, but now you may need to see someone who is independent in what is known as a "medico-legal examination."

What's Your Score?

When you go to such a doctor, they will produce a comprehensive, written report which will be entered into evidence in the case. You may be assessed against a sliding scale known as an injury scale value report, and this has been designed to provide you with a specific score. The court will apply this score to compensation thresholds to determine what type of payout you will get.

You will likely get a rating score if you attend a doctor in a worker's compensation claim, as well. This is known as "whole person impairment" and once again can make a difference when it comes to the type of compensation you get.

What You Must Do

You may think that you are being shunted from pillar to post and don't know what's going on. You do need to be aware of your rights at all times, however, and should consult with a personal injury lawyer first, before you knock on the doctor's office door. You will need to present these professionals with a clear picture of your case so that your score is realistic and valid.


22 June 2018

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