Exploring the Significance of Family Law

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Family law focuses on resolving issues related to family relationships such as divorce, child custody and property settlements. Engaging with this area of law offers several important benefits. Ensuring Fair Representation Family law professionals provide fair representation in court. It's their responsibility to present a client's case effectively, ensuring that the client's interests are protected. This professional representation often leads to better outcomes in legal proceedings. Navigating Complex Legal Procedures

4 December 2023

Divorce: Why Sentimental Items Are Viewed Without Sentiment

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It's difficult to quantify the value of a sentimental personal item; you can't easily assign a price to it, because this doesn't reflect the way you value the item in question. This becomes problematic when you and your spouse decide to divorce, and ownership of the sentimental item must be determined. Is it the Family Court who decides who gets to keep the item? Family Law Divorce is a facet of family law, and even when there are no children in the marriage (meaning that custody arrangements, child maintenance or a parenting plan are not required), it's favourable that an agreement between both parties is reached during mediation.

29 June 2023

Why You Need A Conveyancer When Buying Land

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Most people forego conveyancing services when purchasing land. It is especially so since they perceive land purchasing as a straightforward transaction since the property does not have any buildings. Nevertheless, a conveyancer comes in handy when buying land. Below are some compelling reasons to engage the professional.  Verifying The Property Registration Details   It is easy to assume that the property is legally registered once the current owner presents a title document with their name and identification details.

21 February 2023