3 Steps To Follow When You're Facing An Assault Charge After A Bar Fight

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Bar fights are more common than you think, which could result in you ending up with an assault charge on your record, even if you haven't started them. Bar fights are especially dangerous because alcohol inhibits clear thinking, and in many circumstances end up being fatal for someone. Follow these steps when you're facing an assault charge after a bar fight.

Make Sure Your Lawyer Is Present When Giving Your Statement

Even if you were not the perpetrator of the fight, you could end up with serious assault charges that could result in large fines and possible jail time. While the police may interrogate you, it's always best to ask for your lawyer to be present, so that you don't feel scared and intimidated into making false statements that could be held against you. Don't make the mistake of trying to talk your way out of the assault charge because you could simply end up making things worse for you eventually. Talk to your lawyer before giving your official statement, so that you feel calmer before discussing the fight.

Find Out Your Rights From A Legal Perspective

Talk to your lawyer about your rights when it comes to a bar fight conviction, especially if you're not the one who started it in the first place. While an assault charge may be levelled against all participants, you may be able to claim self-defence if you were simply protecting yourself. A good lawyer will help you understand all your rights, and will advise you of what you need to do to get your conviction removed or reduced. At no point should you attempt to be aggressive or lose your temper, especially when you're at the police station, because this could be recorded as evidence in court.

Get Evidence To Prove Your Side Of The Story

Every person involved in the fight will have their own side of the story, so if you think you're right, then make sure you gather enough evidence to prove your situation. Get statements from witnesses who can prove that you were compelled to participate. If they share your view that you didn't start the fight, then get the statement to include those details, so that they can be upheld when your lawyer is defending you in court. Your lawyer may also suggest getting photographs and other evidence around the scene, which could potentially help your situation. For example, if the bar has CCTV cameras near the fight area, then your lawyer may request for a copy of the footage to prove your side of the story.

An assault charge could go on your record, which you obviously wouldn't want. If you believe your innocent, follow these steps and let your lawyer manage this situation for you.


22 March 2017

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