3 Reasons to Consider Setting Up a Trust for Your Pet

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Pets are considered part of any family, and setting up a pet trust for them is imperative. While having a pet trust might seem a little expensive, not every family member or friend will be willing to care for your pet in your absence. Failing to set up a proper plan can mean that your pet will not receive the required care and might end up in a shelter or somewhere worse.

27 December 2021

Why You Need a Property Lawyer for Conveyancing

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Conveyancing is the process of transferring property from one owner to another. This is something you may find yourself doing when you want to split up property between children or as part of an end-of-life planning process. The initial reaction many people have to this process is to try and handle it on their own. However, there are several reasons you should use a property lawyer to help you with this important task.

27 September 2021

4 Top Benefits of Hiring a Property Conveyancing Specialist When Buying or Selling Your Home

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Buying or selling a home involves a significant financial commitment. Moreover, you have to follow the law at every step of the process. Small mistakes can slow down the transfer process, cause you massive financial losses and even lead to regrettable legal repercussions. Luckily, you can avoid these complications by hiring a conveyancing professional. Consider the following top benefits of hiring a conveyancer. 1. They Handle the Legal Aspects Property transfer is a lengthy process that has many legal aspects.

24 June 2021

How Does a Deceased Estate Lawyer Mitigate Conflicts After the Death of a Parent?

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Experiencing a death in the family is incredibly heart-wrenching. And when it is a parent's death, a heavy burden is placed upon the adult children, as they are now tasked with handling everything that has to do with the distribution of assets, managing the inheritance, executing a will if it one is present and more. As a result, there is a high likelihood of acrimony breeding among the family members, more so if there is a considerable amount of money on the table!

16 March 2021