Can You Contest a Will If You Are Not Named as a Beneficiary?

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Everyone is eligible (and is indeed encouraged) to make a last will and testament so that their estate can be appropriately dissolved and they can pass on certain benefits to named individuals. Of course, the law does not require anyone to do this, and even if they do, they're not required to tell anyone other than the executor about the contents of the will. It may, therefore, come as something of a surprise to an individual who was close to the deceased if they were not included or even mentioned in the document.

27 December 2019

What to Do If You Face Restrictions with Your Emotional Support Dog

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If you are suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or another related medical condition then you know that certain dogs can come to your aid as an emotional support animal. This can be more than just comforting and, for many people, can represent a lifeline as they try to go about their normal daily activities. Yet you may be confused when it comes to access if you are accompanied by one of these animals, and you may have already encountered an issue here or there because of your emotional support animal.

28 May 2019