My employer hasn't paid me. What should I do?

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Many employees hardly know their employment rights and what they are actually entitled to. In a scenario where your employer fails to pay you for something, whether it's regular wages, reimbursements, tip splitting, overtime, or something else, you might feel very confused and frightened. Is the boss right? Should you even think about fighting? Here is a list of several workplace violations that workers should be conversant with and for which they should consult a compensation lawyer.

20 March 2017

Here Is How You Grant Legal Rights to Your Next of Kin


The next of kin ensures that your property and future plans are well cared for in your absence. They can also help you to manage your assets in case of incapacitation by a terminal illness, accident or other factors affecting your wellbeing. For your next of kin to do this, he or she must have legal rights granting her the authority to make important decisions on your behalf.  The following discussion sheds light on how you can give legal rights to your next of kin:

20 March 2017

Do You Need a Family Lawyer for Your Divorce?

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In many areas, a couple can manage a divorce on their own, if it's amicable and you agree on all terms and conditions. You can have an agreement drawn up and register it with the courts; if a judge sees nothing to question in the agreement, it may then be filed and the marriage is dissolved. However, even if this is allowable in your area, such a procedure may not be to your advantage.

15 March 2017

Three Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Lawyer

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Whether you are the owner of a small business enterprise or a large corporation, every business always needs the services of a corporate attorney at one point or another. When matters concerning legal documents like leases and contracts arise, or when performing significant transactions that require some degree of legal knowledge and document preparation, a commercial lawyer can be of great benefit to you. Here are the three top reasons why you need a commercial lawyer.

23 February 2017

Workplace Injury: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Contact a Lawyer

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If you have suffered an injury at work, you may be considering making a workers compensation claim. However, before a compensation lawyer can move forward with your case, they will need to establish if the injury was caused by your workplace environment or a work related task. Before contacting a compensation lawyer, you should ask yourself the following questions. Did the injury happen in the workplace? You should think about location in which the injury occurred.

13 February 2017