4 Top Benefits of Hiring a Property Conveyancing Specialist When Buying or Selling Your Home

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Buying or selling a home involves a significant financial commitment. Moreover, you have to follow the law at every step of the process. Small mistakes can slow down the transfer process, cause you massive financial losses and even lead to regrettable legal repercussions. Luckily, you can avoid these complications by hiring a conveyancing professional. Consider the following top benefits of hiring a conveyancer. 1. They Handle the Legal Aspects Property transfer is a lengthy process that has many legal aspects.

24 June 2021

How Does a Deceased Estate Lawyer Mitigate Conflicts After the Death of a Parent?

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Experiencing a death in the family is incredibly heart-wrenching. And when it is a parent's death, a heavy burden is placed upon the adult children, as they are now tasked with handling everything that has to do with the distribution of assets, managing the inheritance, executing a will if it one is present and more. As a result, there is a high likelihood of acrimony breeding among the family members, more so if there is a considerable amount of money on the table!

16 March 2021

Understanding the Will Writing Process

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You may already know the importance of writing a will, especially when you have a large estate. You don't want to leave your loved ones in financial problems or legal disputes once you become incapacitated or die; a will helps solve such problems. Here's what you need to know about how to write a will: You Need Professional Help Start by hiring a wills and estate lawyer. Wills are sensitive documents that should be worded correctly to avoid leaving room for will disputes and to ensure that you have catered to every important person and detail.

30 December 2020

Important Things to Know Before Relocating With Your Child After Divorce

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Separating and co-parenting is not a new phenomenon in Australia, but most complications arise when one parent chooses to relocate to a different town, city, or country. Regardless of your reason to relocate with your kids, you should know the right procedure to follow. Relocation is a decision that must be made by the parents sharing the responsibility of raising the child. This article highlights things you should know before moving with your child.

21 September 2020

Can You Contest a Will If You Are Not Named as a Beneficiary?

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Everyone is eligible (and is indeed encouraged) to make a last will and testament so that their estate can be appropriately dissolved and they can pass on certain benefits to named individuals. Of course, the law does not require anyone to do this, and even if they do, they're not required to tell anyone other than the executor about the contents of the will. It may, therefore, come as something of a surprise to an individual who was close to the deceased if they were not included or even mentioned in the document.

27 December 2019

What to Do If You Face Restrictions with Your Emotional Support Dog

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If you are suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or another related medical condition then you know that certain dogs can come to your aid as an emotional support animal. This can be more than just comforting and, for many people, can represent a lifeline as they try to go about their normal daily activities. Yet you may be confused when it comes to access if you are accompanied by one of these animals, and you may have already encountered an issue here or there because of your emotional support animal.

28 May 2019

Could a Trial Separation Work in Your Case?

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Do you feel as if all the magic has disappeared from your relationship? You may have lived with your significant other for many years and have been happily married up until this time, but problems have arisen for a variety of reasons, and you seem to be gradually drifting apart. Of course, this can be a very traumatic time, and you may not know what to do, but perhaps you should consider a trial separation to see if it helps.

13 December 2018